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Step One - Get a Web Address

The first thing you need to do to create your own website is get your own Web Address - your domain name. Your domain name is more than just what people type in their browser to get to your site.   Your domain name is your online identity - your brand.  Follow a thoughtful process and you can find the right domain name for your website.

Here are some simple tips to help you select the right domain name.

Keep it short and simple - The shorter or more memorable you can make your name the better.  Also make sure your domain name is easy to spell, so people aren't frustrated trying to type in your web address.

We recommend to get domain names.  They offer 24 hour service to go along with a free five page site, free email account and free online site builder software.

We highly recommend the article "How to Find a Great Domain Name."  This short article will help serve as a guide to selecting a great domain name.

Next Step: Set objectives / Build your outline

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