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Step Two - Set Objectives For Your Site and Make an Outline

The next step is to make an outline for the site and write out some key information for each planned web page.  This is also a good time to start thinking about getting any photos and key information or images you'll want for the site. 

Another good thing to do is to research and review other similar sites
to get a feel for what you want the site to look like and this will also help you gather information and illustrations.

Depending on the type of website, you'll want to get started gathering information.  Below are several examples.

Club, church or group websites - Key information might include officers, leaders, contact information, upcoming meetings, calendar, about us info, membership info, forms, meeting minutes, newsletter, etc.

Small business - About us, key product info, contact us, customer support, etc

Sports Teams - pictures, schedule, sponsors, etc.

Online Resumes - several forms avaliable to spice up your online job search.

In the next step, we'll discuss using the online site builder where you can actually select a ready-made completely finished generic site that you can quickly edit to meet your objectives - this is the absolute fastest way to get started and get online.

Next Step: Start Building Your Website

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