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Step Three - Start Building - It's time to publish your site

It's now time to publish your website.

The first consideration for publishing your website is the software.  There are many programs out there that do a great job of designing web pages.  The problem with much of this software is that you may have to get additional training or even be forced to learn some html programming.  This is just not practical if you're not experienced, or have a limited time schedule to work on your website.  The easiest thing to do is utilize an online website builder. 
Another positive about using an online site builder is the fact that you can log in from any computer and make changes.  The site builder we recommend is Website Tonight, which can be utilized free when you purchase your web address at 

The next step we recommend is to utilize your free five page website and look at the wide selection of templates. Once you select a template, we recommend that you choose a ready-made site and edit the pages to fit your key objectives.  Many times you can find a template that is tailor made for your application.  After viewing the site, you can still change out the template design and keep the content you have modified.

Once you get the hang of it, you can always upgrade at any time to paid hosting with no advertisements and utilize the same free software.

It is always a good idea to go and view the available free website tonight templates and other hosting plans available. There you can find great examples, images and product tours.

Take the Website Tonight product Tour.

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